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  The State's Official Role
Private Establishments and Voluntary Work
Welfare Establishments
Youth Establishments


The State of Qatar works to provide the best social services for its citizens in pursuit of its policy to realize and establish the principles of social stability and individual well-being.
In accordance with the private societies' law, private establishments extend charitable and social services in collaboration with the concerned government departments, using donations from individuals and the private sector.

The State's Official Role

The Department of Social Affairs

As part of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing, the Department of Social Affairs is responsible for providing social care services for citizens and applying Social Security Law. The Social Security law stipulates paying monthly allowances to widows, divorcees, orphans and the special needs who have no providers.

The Qatari Institution For Elderly Persons' Care

The Qatari Institution for Elderly Persons' Care is a private institution with a recognized independent identity and it enjoys full autonomy and its headquarters is in Doha city. Details>>

Housing Services

The Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Housing provides affordable housing for citizens with limited income and the aged and grants furnishing allowance for beneficiaries.

The Women's Affairs Department

The Women's Affairs Department is composed of Maternity and Childhood Section, Women's Programs and Activities Section and Women's Development Section, in addition to Women's Training and Rehabilitation Center, which organizes training courses to upgrade women's skills in their fields of interest.

Supreme Council for Family Affairs

It is composed of the Secretariat General, the Technical Advisory Committee and Voluntary Committees. Among the most important objectives of the council is to sustain the family and its role in society, study the family's problems and recommend suitable solutions thereto. The council is also concerned with the family and child affairs, women's causes and delinquency problem among the youths. It, also, watches over children with special needs. The financial resources of the Council are made up of financial allocations from the government's general budget, contributions from various establishments and authorities, grants, donations, legacies, loans and returns of the Council's investments.

The Endowment Funds

The Endowment Funds Development Department at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs is responsible for the implementation and management of the Fund's investment projects, whose revenues are allocated for charity works inside and outside Qatar and for building houses for the poor.

Zakat Fund

The Fund collects Zakat (alms), charity, grants and donations. The "Guardianship of the Student Project" is one of the Fund's major projects, through which support is provided for needy students at various educational levels. The fund is supervised by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs .

Social Responsibility Committee

Set up in Qatar National Bank in 1997, the Committee works to provide help and support for all charitable, health, educational and humanitarian activities as well as for all social services in Qatar.

Qatar Scout Association

Qatar Scout Association was set up as an independent entity. Its budget is annexed to the budget of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The Association works to organize the scouting movement and supervise scouting activity, camping and scouting conferences as well as general awareness functions in the country.

Private Establishments and Voluntary Work

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS)

Established in March 1978, Qatar Red Crescent Society has been internationally recognized in 1981. It has joined the International Association for Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies and the secretariat general of the Western Association of the Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies. It works to promote the message of the Red Crescent movement in Qatar, extend family guidance, spread awareness, develop human, health, social and general capabilities and study and find solutions for family problems and problematic social phenomena. The Women's branch at Qatar Red Crescent Society was inaugurated in 1982 to emphasize and give prominence to women's effective voluntary role in society.

Qatar Charitable Society (QCS)

This Society works to extend assistance to needy individuals, build mosques, schools and Qur'an learning centers, and collect charity, alms and Al-Adha Feast sacrifices (Al Udhiya) for distribution among the poor inside and outside the country.

Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad Charitable Establishment

Founded in 1995, the Establishment aims to extend humanitarian and charitable assistance and relief for the poor and disaster-stricken. It also participates in the construction of schools, hospitals, mosques and Qur'an memorization centers for Islamic communities and contributes in enhancing reciprocal responsibility in the society.

The Organization for the Propagation of Islam

This organization carries out comprehensive activities in the field of propagation of Islam, relief and humanitarian services. Its activities depend on donations, grants, gifts and revenues it makes from the endowments in its possession.

Family Development Center

The Family Development Center was set up in 1996 under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Misnad, the wife of His Highness the Emir as a non- profit, charitable and independent private establishment, belonging to Qatar Foundation For Education, Science and Community Development. It aims to utilize and develop the potential of individuals so that they can assume productive roles in society and contribute in the development process. The Center is fulfilling this function through long-range development programs and high quality training courses geared to enable families to depend on themselves and become productive members of society.

Welfare Establishments

The Qatari Association for the Special Needs

The association was established in 1992 and it has three branches: the Cultural and Social Center, the Educational Center and Mother's Awareness Center. The Association works to establish suitable quarters in which to accommodate young special needs in preparation to provide them with care services and academic and vocational education. It produces and imports all educational aids and artificial limbs for the benefits of its registered beneficiaries.

Qatar Cancer Association (QCA)

Established in 1997, the Association has a comprehensive national cancer control program defining the size of the problem and proposing control measures and plans. It also prepares research and studies and establishes contacts with similar societies in other countries in order to benefit by their experiences in this field.

Al-Shaffallah Center for special Needs Children

Al-Shaffallah Center for special Needs Children was established in response to directives of Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Misned, President of Supreme Council for Family Affairs and to fulfill the Qatari community need for the establishment of a ceter specialized in children with special needs, as the Special Needs Committee was appointed to establish the center. Details>>

The Qatari Institution for Orphans Care

The Qatari Institution for Orphans Care is a private institution with as independent identical entity fully qualified to behave freely and its headquarters are here in Doha. Details>>

Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA)

Qatar Diabetes Association provides useful information for diabetics and prepares and participates in awareness programs, surveys and studies on diabetes.

Al-Noor Institute for the Blind

Inaugurated in 1998, this institute works to extend educational services to the blind to help them overstep their disability and prepare them to undertake more socially productive role. The Institute serves students aged from 3 to 21.

Family Consultation Center

The Center offers its consultative services free of charge in a scientific and civilized way through a number of consultants of both sexes who are highly qualified to perform this job. Details>>

The Qatari Institution for Child and Woman Protection

The focending of the Qatari Institution for child and Woman Protection falls within the Qatari social tendency to emphasize the issue of child and woman protection and its promoting the capabilities of and contributions to the formulating of the sought social structure in the State of Qatar. Details>>

Youth Establishments

Center of Environment Friends

Established in 1992, the center aims to intensify environmental awareness among the youths to include highlighting the peculiarities of the Qatari environment, its close affinity to the society and the environment's impact on the development and growth of the society. It also contributes in protecting the environment against pollution and elements of wasting and degradation. Some of the most important concerns of the Center include forming environment friends and public service groups in various clubs, youth centers and public and private establishments, organizing environmental and public service work camps and participating in symposia, conferences and other functions.

Youth Department

Social Activities and Camps Section at the Department of Youths at the General Authority for Youth is charged with organizing work and public service camps, managing the participation of youths in conferences, courses, camps and festivals held locally or abroad and supervising the scout team.

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