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Marine festival unfolds secrets of the deep

Thursday17/3/2011March, 2011
The Qatar Marine Festival opened last night with a spectacular open air performance inspired by the country’s rich maritime heritage and its influence on more recent developments.
Well-known Italian choreographer, Gina Landi’s work entitled ‘Secrets of the Sea,’ was received with rapturous applause by an audience of VIPS and invitees at the festival grounds on the Katara beach, marking the opening of the festival.
General manager of the Qatar Marine Festival Organising Committee, Hamad al-Tamimi welcomed guests to the show last night, saying: “Through this festival we unite in celebrating the inspiring spirit of the beauty of the ocean.”
“Tonight and over the next ten days we invite each and every one of you to journey with us - join our grandfathers in celebrating their memories and welcome our grandsons in exploring the magic of the sea and its traditions.”
Al-Tamimi noted: “Everyone connected with the festival is very excited about its debut. We are certain that when the public sees the myriad of activities we will have running for the duration of the event, they are going to feel that excitement too.”
“The festival seeks to entertain - and with ‘Secrets of the Sea’ I am certain it is going to do that - but also to enrich and to educate. It’s important both for locals and expatriates to understand the history of Qatari society, how it has evolved to where we are today and where we are going as a country,” he added.
The show certainly did entertain, and the combination of Arabic tradition with western music and dance created an incredible spectacle.
Inspired use of the stage, lighting and sound wowed the audience, while the tender moments of storytelling throughout were beautifully conveyed by the actors and actresses, young and old.
The show, the music for which was co-written with Qatari composer Faisal al-Tamimi, told the story of Qatar’s past of hardship, pearl fishing and other traditions, moving onto the discovery of natural resources here and the resultant riches, before addressing hopes for the future.
For the incredible beauty of the performance and the richness of local culture, ‘Secrets of the Sea’ is an open air event surely not to be missed, even if the weather is a little uninviting.
The final message of the performance advised people to ‘read,’ urging viewers to learn about their history and traditions while moving into the future, and praising Qatar’s leadership for conveying this message and the importance of culture to the country.
Indeed, this is the message the entire festival hopes to convey, inviting guests to “dive into the past and sail towards the future” while enjoying discovering the secrets of the sea.

Source: Gulf Times
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