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Qatari Summit to Discuss Alternative Energy in the Gulf Kicks off

Doha, March 16 (QNA) - Qatar Alternative Energy Investors Summit kicked off on Wednesday in Sharq Village in partnership with Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa) to discuss the relevant alternative-energy topics as well as investment opportunities in alternative energy. The two-day summit will include 100 hand-picked investors from across the globe, "each pre-qualified for investment opportunities in the alternative energy sector," according to the summit's website. This exclusive gathering comes at a crucial time as world governments recognize that alternative energy sources are the only way forward to sustain world economic growth.
The Qatar Alternative Energy Investors Summit is leading from the front for alternative energy investment with real world applicable solutions that are proving to be sound business models.
This is the only strategic initiative tailored to provide leading investors with a strategic edge for investing in the right energy-sector initiative at the right time.
The summit will hold a number of keynote presentations that will discuss a number of topics related to alternative energy. One of the topics is "the future energy outlook for Qatar and the Middle East" presented by Kahramaa President Essa bin Hilal Al Kuwari. The topic will discuss the investment opportunities for investment in alternative energy in Gulf countries.
Among the world renowned figures attending the summit are Chairman of Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Brendan Halligan and Nobel Prize nominee Bohdan Zakiewicz, who is also the Chairman and Founder of Ecological Mining Academy.
The summit is aimed at arranging networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings between investors to encourage partnerships and pursuing investment opportunities in the field of alternative energy. The summit will also include workshops held by the pre-qualified investors for attending investors with qualified investment budgets.
The summit also features panel discussions on a set of topics related to alternative energy, including one about the "Commercialization of Alternative Energy" and will discuss that issue in the different alternative energy sources wind, geothermal, biomass and Solar.
Another panel will discuss how developing education about alternative energy must be the basis for the industry to grow, the panel discussion is entitled "Academia to Private Industry". The panelists will explore four stages between the relationship between academia and the industry that starts from improving education about alternative energy and ends with the relevance of licensing in the investment process.
A 20-minute presentations by leaders in the world of finance and investments, will help attending investors understand the intricate dynamics of post-global-crisis investment opportunities and the hidden high-return treasures
Over 17 hours of five-star networking opportunities and activities spread over the two-day event, designed to instigate business relationship and investor interaction with the international leaders and experts of investments.
One of the most exciting parts of the summit - all attending investors with qualified investment budgets will attend selection of workshops hosted by handpicked investment opportunities in the energy sector: Projects, fund managers, asset managers, and other qualified capital-seekers.
The summit will also discuss a theme entitled "Prospects energy future in Qatar and the Middle East," the investment opportunities available in the field of alternative energy and the path the countries in the region should take for their world leadership position in the field of renewable energy to deal with developments in that industry and the change of policies in the Middle Eastern countries and strengthening techniques for the development of such an industry.
Another theme entitled "A look on investments in alternative energy field" in the key pillars to urge the investors to invest in such a sort of energy. The theme reviews the impact of government policies and research in this field and capital to stimulate investment in that industry.
Among the world renowned figures attending the summit are Professor Brendan Halligan, Chairman of Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Professor Bohdan Zakiewicz, a Guest of Honour Nobel Prize Nominee and Chairman and Founder of Ecological Mining Academy.

Source: Qatar News Agency
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