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Doha Asiad international broadcast centre opened

Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee (DAGOC) opened the doors of its international broadcast centre (IBC) to welcome more than 1,800 rights-holding broadcasters and 2,000 host broadcaster staff to report on the 15th Asian games hosted by Qatar from December 1st to 15th.


Located in the Qatar international exhibition centre, the IBC serves as the central operational, production, technical, and administrative base for Doha 2006 broadcast operations.


The IBC and the main press centre (MPC) form the main media centre (MMC) which is home to the local and world media during the games.


The Khalifa Stadium will be place to the inauguration and closing ceremony of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 (Asiad 2006), organized by the State of Qatar in the period between 1 and 15 December 2006. The stadium is part of the Khalifa Sport City and is a masterpiece in modern sports venues’ architecture.


Khalifa Stadium has undergone extensive developments. As well as increasing the seating capacity from 20,000 to 50,000, a new roof has been built over the western side, counterbalanced by a spectacular arch to the east. This arch carries floodlights and will be the launching platform for fireworks during the Opening Ceremony on 1 December 2006. A state-of-the-art running track was installed as well in May 2005.


Khalifa Stadium was originally opened in 1976, when it hosted the fourth Gulf Cup. In 1992, the stadium hosted again the 11th edition of the championship, followed by the Asian qualifiers to World Cup 1994 and the World Youth Cup 1995. All international athletics games and Emir Cup championships are held there.


The Opening Ceremony of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 will be watched by 1,5 billion people. The latest technologies will be mobilized to make this event a success; decorations and backgrounds were exported from Australia and many known names in the world of film and entertainment industries participated in the production. Asiad 2006 will be the first games of which all activities will be fully broadcast via digital technologies.


According to the Doha 2006 official site, the first to perform a song written specifically for the Opening Ceremony is one of the finest singers and film stars to have come out of Hong Kong, Jacky Cheung. A pioneer and superstar of Cantopop, Jacky is arguably the most popular and respected Chinese pop singer in the world, winning global awards including Chinese Artiste of the Year in Monte Carlo in 1995 and 1996, and voted one of the world’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 1999.


Singer Sunidhi Chauhan will perform “Reach Out”, a song written by internationally renowned Australian composers Paul Begaud and Vanessa Corish. She will perform this song as a salute to athletes from 45 countries and regions participating in the 15-day Games. Nineteen-year-old Sunidhi will be performing off the back of a 12-stop tour throughout the US.


As a world first, Lebanese artist Magida El-Roumi will perform a duet with Spanish performer José Carreras at the Opening Ceremony, marking the first time the two artists perform together and heralding the arrival of the torch at Khalifa Stadium with “Light The Way”.


An ambassador for UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, Magida has been a symbol and an idol for global audiences for more than three decades now, reflecting in her life and songs an image of a nation and its people.


Spain’s José Carreras is one of the world’s greatest tenors and has performed with the most renowned conductors all over the world. Famously, he performed at the 1990 World Cup in Rome.


DAGOC has built one of the best facilities ever created to produce an international event. Approximately 1,000 staff are involved in bringing together the two Ceremonies’ shows with workshops from around the world including, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Asia and the Gulf contributing to the spectacular.


DAGOC commissioned Australian company David Atkins Enterprise (DAE) to conceive, create and produce the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for the Games. DAE’s grand portfolio includes the Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games Handover Ceremony.


DAGOC and DAE have set up the Ceremonies Compound at the Sport City which includes an administration building, dance studios, rehearsal spaces, workshops, specialty compounds, cast holding facilities and an outdoor rehearsal area equivalent in size to the Stadium’s field of play.


Khalifa Stadium has also been radically redeveloped as part of a capital works programme for the Ceremonies and Games, and is effectively a brand new stadium. From a roofless 20,000-seat venue, it has been transformed into a 50,000-seat state-of-the-art stadium with a floating roof and a delicate lighting arch, which will support lights, speakers and fireworks during the Ceremonies.

Foreign Information Agency of the State of Qatar,

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